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Vegtus sets the pace for your outfits this summer

There’s still a lot of summer left yet! The best is yet to come!

If you have already returned from your holidays, nothing will look better with your beach or mountain tan than one of our Vegtus.

If you are going on a well-deserved break, don’t forget your Vegtus, the perfect complement to any summer outfit, whatever your style.

And let’s not forget those people who enjoy the summer even while at work! For them, our Vegtus provide maximum relaxation for their feet in their free time.

Made of cactus leather skin, they are 100% vegan, organic and ecological. Comfortable, fresh and light, thanks to their breathable lining of recycled materials (they could not be more sustainable!). You’ll feel great this summer.

Our Vegtus are the most versatile – they go well with everything! No style can resist them!

Bloggers and influencers are making it clear how well sneakers look with the most summery of outfits.



The most trendy outfits

We propose some ways to be IN this summer:

  • Sandals are essential summer footwear. They dress your feet and let them shine after months imprisoned in closed shoes.
  • Vegtus sandals are essential both day and night for this season – with shorts, minis, Bermuda shorts, dresses, summer overalls, light jumpsuits… anything!
  • Wear Vegtus sneakers with your most cheerful minis. Your outfit will give off sparks with every step.
  • Your outfit will be impeccable with Vegtus and your favourite linen trousers. Current, modern, comfortable and with a chic touch. You’ll look great on any occasion.
  • You must have seen your favourite Instagrammer with a midi dress. Ideal! What can we say? This is the model for the summer. Succeed with your Vegtus.
  • With jeans, a classic that never goes out of style.



Summer jeans with Vegtus

At this point, we realise that jeans deserve their own section. There are so many possibilities … Let’s see what the top trends are this summer.

Wide leg jeans. The best of summer 2021. Wide leg and high waist that stylises your figure by visually lengthening your legs. Maximum comfort and style with your Vegtus sneakers or sandals.

Culote jeans. With the ankle exposed and also high-waisted, your sandals or sneakers will look great and be visible to everyone.

Flowery or coloured jeans. The best of the summer for joy and colour. Add an even more cheerful touch to your style with Vegtus sneakers or sandals.

Capri jeans. Yes, we love them too. With their modern air, Capri, pirate and frayed jeans. Ideal with flat shoes like our Vegtus sandals or sneakers.

Straight jeans. If yours is a more classic style, straight jeans are the perfect option. In this case, you already know that Vegtus sandals or sneakers will elegantly complete your outfit.

There is still a lot of summer left and we at Vegtus want you to enjoy it to the full. And what new models! Now is the time to get hold of one or some of our models that you have been following for a long time, and that you’re eager to wear… Also, now, we have a sale on!

Any of our Vegtus are a good choice for their versatility and comfort. If you want to know which ones we like the most right now, here are our most summery recommendations for this season.

Our must-haves at Vegtus

Vegan sandals – Gobi

In black and in white. So easy to combine with whatever you wear.

Cool, comfortable, breathable and light. The best option if you like bare feet. Made with 100% cactus leather skin, completely vegan and cruelty-free. The breathable lining is made from recycled materials, the best for summer. An ultralight sole and a thermoformed foam lining sole for greater adaptability. They weigh only 250 g. You won’t want to take them off!


Vegan sneakers  – Onix Black

Perfect for those who prefer black, even in summer.

Onix Black are the first vegan cactus leather shoes in black. Like all Vegtus models, they are ultralight, extremely comfortable and made from our cactus skin and recycled materials.

The white touches on the logo add an extra vividness and luminosity to the whole.



Vegan sneakers  – Takla

If white is your favourite colour in summer, our Takla with the embroidered logo in fluorescent or pastel colours is for you.

The Takla are the latest sustainable and extremely comfortable trainer model we have made for the summer collection. Made of cactus leather skin and recycled materials, they weigh hardly anything, with the interior fabric, laces and insole made from recycled material, certified hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial, thus reducing foot odour.



Eco friendly & cruelty free

If you want totally vegan sandals or sneakers, made from nopal cactus leather skin, your only option is our product made 100% in Spain, at our centre in Alicante. It is an organic, recyclable and cruelty-free material since no animals were killed to make them.

They are completely sustainable, since the nopal cactus saves water and produces oxygen, and survives in an extreme environment; thus making a previously inhospitable land fertile, with no need for chemicals, herbicides or pesticides for its cultivation and growth. At Vegtus, we use a natural process, making the most of the power of the sun, using no additional energy, to dry the mature leaves with which the cactus leather skin is made. In addition, we use no chemical pigments in their colouring.

At Vegtus, we have sustainable footwear for men, women and children. Comfortable, practical, versatile, durable, ecological and ideal for all types.



Dress as you believe.


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