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Protect the environment with your Vegtus sneakers. Practice sustainability in your step.

We arrived with our batteries recharged… and no-one can stop us! Stomping around with our Vegtus!

We are saying goodbye to the summer with our best smile and are looking for new experiences. Let’s enjoy what’s left of the summer to the full as we await the arrival of one of our favourite seasons!

September is a month we all love. Full of days marked on the calendar! The beginning of a new course at all levels; it’s when we embark on new projects, when we can continue travelling because the days are still long and the temperature still pleasant. We begin to notice the arrival of new aromas and the ochre colours of autumn …

It also gives us the opportunity to renew our wardrobe and adapt our outfits to the new season. And we can’t be without our 100% vegan, organic, sustainable Vegtus sneakers. We need them to help protect the ecosystem and the sustainability of the planet, being made of nopal cactus skin leather: an organic, recyclable, durable, ecological and sustainable material.

“Healthy air, healthy planet”

Don’t forget that on September 7 we celebrate International Clean Air Day with a blue sky.

“Healthy air, healthy planet” is the slogan chosen for this year by the United Nations to emphasise the health-related aspects of air pollution.

With your Vegtus sneakers, you can give the planet a helping hand as cactus is a natural carbon sink, with a great capacity to retain CO2.

The metabolism of the nopal species protects water by absorbing CO2 at night, capturing the water from the early morning dew and generating oxygen during the day.

So when you put your Vegtus sneakers on, you’re helping to take care of the planet, your health and that of everyone else.

According to United Nations data, air pollution is the greatest environmental risk to human health, as well as being one of the main preventable causes of death and disease worldwide.

Eco-friendly, sustainable, organic sneakers

We use no artificial processes for the production of our Vegtus shoes. They are 100% vegan; and we do not use herbicides, pesticides or chemical pigments.

The cactus we make our Vegtus from is certified by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and grown in an organic farming system.

Giving life to the nopal cactus to make our Vegtus sneakers also involves reforesting a desert area suitable only for this type of cultivation, which means turning an inhospitable land into a fertile place.

In addition, no animals are killed during the manufacture of Vegtus footwear, so it is 100% cruelty free.

At Vegtus, we promote a world in which we all fit and healthy, as fashion should also be. Sustainability must be understood on the inside and practised on the outside.

May your Vegtus sneakers be with you always

Leave your sedentary lifestyle behind, put on your Vegtus sneakers and live! Recharge your batteries and go for a walk. We always recommend it, because it is healthy and ecological; but, even more so during European Mobility Week, from September 16-22, which this year has the slogan “Move sustainably, stay healthy”.

There is no more sustainable and healthy transportation system than your own feet. And the best thing for your feet are Vegtus sneakers: comfortable, light and 100% sustainable. It is the perfect combination of ecology, health and fashion.

September 22 is Car Free Day so there’s no excuse. Go for walk after walk, wearing your Vegtus sneakers to feel good, taking care of the environment and practising sustainability at every step.

Our footwear is 100% Spanish made, from our centre in Alicante.

For years, Spain has led the participation in European Mobility Week. Last year, 531 of the 2,945 participating European towns were Spanish.

If you want to visit any city in Spain, Europe or any other continent, don’t forget to pack your Vegtus sneakers!

If you are looking for a reason to travel, we give you the perfect excuse! On September 27, World Tourism Day is held.

In recent years, sustainable tourism has been defended and spread. Sustainability is present in all aspects of our life, even in fashion.

To be comfortable, up-to-date, with sustainability as a flag and really practising the protection of our own and the natural environment, the best option is Vegtus sneakers: totally vegan, organic, comfortable, strong and to your taste.

Wherever you go … may your Vegtus sneakers always go with you! See how good they look in your photos!

Take a look at some of our models!


Sneakers veganas – Nopal Man Green Cactus

100% vegan, made of nopal cactus.

Weighing less than 300 g and manufactured in Alicante, Spain.

The packaging is made from 100% recycled materials.





Sneakers veganas – Shawi

100% vegan.

Ultralight sport shoes.

Extremely comfortable.

Made from cactus skin and recycled materials.




Dress how you believe


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