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Discover the vegan shoes you’ll want to have, made of cactus leather

Vegtus sneakers are the ideal option to enjoy comfortable footwear while helping the environment, and they are cruelty-free.

Throughout the day we need to do numerous tasks so it is important to have good footwear that helps us move around comfortably and painlessly. If you haven’t found your ideal shoes yet and want them to be ‘cruelty free’, we have the best option for you. These are Vegtus sneakers, made entirely of vegan materials, some as unique as the nopal cactus, a strong, resistant material.

We are increasingly aware of how important it is to take care of the environment, and it is increasingly evident how much the Earth is suffering. For this reason, our brand has decided to do its bit by creating trainers that show that fashion can go beyond aesthetics – representing an attitude towards life.

Vegtus en Otoño

Made with 100% sustainable materials, Vegtus has presented its basic collection for this autumn-winter season. This is a casual, timeless and versatile collection, for both men and women. Footwear that adapts to any situation and is respectful of the environment; and it is these small gestures that make a difference and drive change.

These vegan shoes are also notable for the softness of their materials, for being ultralight and breathable. Some sneakers can be found in two different models: one called ‘Shawi’, embroidered with recycled thread; another known as ‘Nopal’ and another known as ‘Onix’, made of cactus leather.


Undoubtedly, a great option to be considered, especially now that the time of year is approaching when there are a lot of presents being given. Therefore, if you want to help the environment while wearing unique and very comfortable footwear, don’t think twice: get these sneakers.

Source: https://www.diezminutos.es/moda-belleza/moda/a38157352/zapatillas-veganas-vegtus/

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