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Autumn fashion with Vegtus

Autumn is a special season to go walking, discover routes, visit places that are already known, create new sensations and move forward with a firm step. It’s also the ideal time to advance on the path of sustainability and, for this, our Vegtus sneakers make it very easy for you!

This autumn is going to be very different from last. We have great dreams, the desire to live, travel, go out, share, enjoy … Now is the time to do yourself up for the new season!

Of course, we want to look great, but we want to be comfortable too. Stylish, but comfortable. You already know that our Vegtus range is ideal with practically any outfit. And now in autumn even more so!

Now that we have taken off our sandals but still don’t feel like putting on our boots, our Vegtus are the best option to stay in fashion, with suitable ecological footwear.

Making fashion sustainable

Our Vegtus are extremely comfortable. They weigh hardly anything, are flexible, breathable and are made of fully organic cactus leather skin.

100% vegan, Vegtus are manufactured entirely in Spain at our factory in Alicante, using skin extracted from the nopal cactus, and it is the first vegan leather in Spain used to manufacture sustainable trainers, with recyclable insoles and no chemical dyes.

It is a leather-like skin, 100% cruelty-free, but stronger and with greater durability, since we don’t use animals.

As they require no irrigation systems, herbicides, pesticides or any other chemical treatment, our Vegtus are totally vegan.

We like to live and dress as we believe

Veganism is a way of life. We practise it with the feet, yes the feet, with our ecological trainers.

Sustainable fashion is not a passing trend; it’s here to stay. Because it’s beneficial for us all and for the planet we inhabit.

At Vegtus, we want to make this a turning point in the world of ecological fashion, and a reference brand in the fashion sector with nationally produced, sustainable, vegan accessories. And we want you to join us on our journey! Do you want to change the world with us and make it more sustainable?

Renewing your wardrobe

If we have learned anything during the pandemic, it is that comfort is a must. Walking through life at ease, respecting the ecosystem, this is a priority.

The first stop at the new station is an invitation for an image re-think. We want flexible, light, stylish footwear that looks good with our outfits.

Our Vegtus will give an air of coolness air every day of the week, whatever your style.

What are you going to wear this season?

Footwear trends this autumn 2021-2022 suggest that trainers will be an essential item in your wardrobe.

If you had already heard of them or just discovered them this summer, you’ll have realised that Vegtus are the perfect option, even more so in autumn.

During this time, our feet need special care after the intensity of the summer and to be ready for the season in which ochre colours, exultant nature and the new term predominate.

Whether in the city, on the beach or in the mountains, our Vegtus will be your allies this autumn in every step you take.

The essentials for autumn 2021

We’ll leave you with a selection of our favourites: what you must have in your wardrobe this season.

onix_black_2_Sneakers veganas – Onix Man Black

The outer fabric imitates the skin and is made from cactus, like all our Vegtus, which uses over 80% less water compared to other sustainable footwear options.

The interior fabric, laces and insoles are made from certified hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antimicrobial recycled material, reducing odour.

The background white is not pure white, as we don’t use chemicals of any kind in any part of the process. The way we colour the different details of the model is through natural pigments, with no chemicals or toxic components.


NOPAL_RedSneakers veganas – Nopal Woman/Kids Red Cherry

As with our Onix model, they are 100% vegan, cruelty-free and made in Spain.

They weigh less than 300 g and are extremely flexible. The EVA rubber insole, made from plastic and other recycled material, is made solely and exclusively for comfort; so you’ll feel great as you walk. Also, due to the composition of the material, it is ultralight. The packaging is also made from 100% recycled materials.



Our sustainable Vegtus shoes need no extra special care; you can clean them using a damp cloth and if necessary a minimal application of non-acid soaps. Cleaning wipes are also a useful option.

Our Vegtus show that style, cool fashion and comfort are not incompatible with protecting the environment and respecting animals.

And they always look great! Even more so in the autumn!

Dress how you believe.


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